Good oral care is a little more than just brushing your teeth. Billions of bacteria call your mouth home … GROSS!!! This is the reason why we brush our teeth daily. These bacteria reproduce every 5 hours, so you do the math! This is why your dental professional encourages you to brush twice daily for two minutes.

Along with brushing, you should clean your tongue. Some prefer to use a tongue scraper, while others just use a brush. Bacterial plaque love to hide between our teeth, where it is difficult for the bristles of a toothbrush to reach. An electric toothbrush may do a better job. But floss is superior if the proper technique is used and the type of floss is also important. Expanding floss is my favorite, it gets into most tight spaces and removes more plaque than the thinner kinds like Glide or Satin floss. There are other options too such as a water flosser, proxy brush, etc. so ask your dental hygienist what would be best for you!

Bacterial plaque is whitish-yellow and can become quite thick. It is the cause of tooth decay which starts as discoloration of the tooth aka demineralization a chalky white and then brown appearance and eventually a brownish/black cavity.

So focus on good home care and you will have healthier pinker gums, better breath, a reduced chance of dental cavities, and whiter teeth! And don’t forget to book regular dental hygiene appointments. We not only clean your teeth but assess your oral health, complete an oral cancer screening and much, much more!