By Medicine Hat News on November 1, 2013.

Dentistry and oral health today is based on scientific facts. Research in oral health has led to a better understanding of oral disease and treatment. Along the way, “tooth myths” have developed based on assumptions, and it’s time to put these misconceptions to rest!

MYTH – I should not brush my teeth if my gums bleed.

TRUTH – Healthy gums do not bleed.If your gums bleed you should see your dental professional to determine the cause.Also be sure you’re using a soft- or extra-soft bristled tooth brush.

MYTH – Good dental health is inherited.

TRUTH – Inheritance is a minor factor in good dental health.The best ways to maintain good oral health are to practice good oral care, visit your dental professional and do not use tobacco products.

MYTH – It isn’t necessary to take care of my baby’s teeth because they’ll just fall out in a few years!

TRUTH – This is absolutely false!If primary teeth are lost early, it can cause problems with bite or even development of permanent teeth.It’s important to educate your child on maintaining good oral health and oral hygiene as soon as the teeth erupt. Tooth decay and gum disease are chronic infections that impact your body no matter what age you are.

MYTH – Many types of toothpaste have sugar in them.

TRUTH – Toothpaste does not contain sugar.Some toothpaste may contain artificial”sweetner” to make it more appealing to the user. Toothpastes have the ingredients listed on the tube by amount, with the greatest ingredients listed first.If in doubt, choose toothpastes with the Canadian Dental Association “seal of approval;” you’ll know the product has been tested and that all its claims are based on evidence.

MYTH – Pregnant women should avoid all dental treatment.

TRUTH – Regular dental treatment should not be avoided by pregnant women.In fact, hormonal changes with pregnancy make diligent brushing and flossing, and professional teeth cleaning and exams even more important. Some procedures like dental X-rays or surgical dental procedures may need to be postponed.

MYTH – It is okay to put an aspirin beside a toothache to ease the pain.

TRUTH – It is not a good idea to make a home remedy without consulting a dental professional.Aspirin is acidic and will burn the soft tissue in your mouth.If you have a toothache, the best thing to do is to see a dental professional as soon as possible!

MYTH – Tooth whitening will make all my teeth, fillings, veneers, crowns and bridges white.

TRUTH – Tooth whitening will only make natural teeth whiter. No whitening products will make restorations whiter. If you want to change the colour of restorations in your mouth, talk to your dental professional.Just remember the basics: brush and floss properly every day, see your dental professional regularly and avoid tobacco products.Base your dental beliefs on facts, not myths.

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