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Teeth Cleaning

Professional Teeth Cleaning: Scaling and Root Planing is the removal of calculus (tartar) from the teeth both above and below the gumline. Tooth polishing is the mechanical removal of bacterial plaque and extrinsic stain from tooth surfaces. A soft rubber cup is used with a grit paste. The removal of bacterial plaque and calculus helps maintain healthy teeth and gums, aiding in the prevention of gingivitis and periodontal disease (gum disease).


Fluoride Treatment: A fluoride treatment will be offered to you if you have a history of decay or have sensitive teeth. A fluoride varnish is a protective coating which is applied to the tooth’s surface. It is not a permanent varnish but it is able to stay in contact with the tooth surface for several hours. This treatment assists in strengthening and remineralizing the tooth structure helping in the prevention of cavities and aids in desensitization.


Needle Free Anesthetic: Oraqix is a needle-free subgingival (below the gumline) anesthetic for use in adults requiring local anesthesia (freezing) in periodontal pockets during scaling or root planing procedures. To help patients who are sensitive during their appointments.


Denture Cleaning & Labelling:

 While you are having your hygiene appointment we will happily clean your denturesdentures in a glass of water for you. We also educate on proper care of them and recommend that you take them out nightly. We will also check how they fit and make the proper referral if needed.