Infection Control Protocol

At Pearly Whites Mobile Dental Hygiene Services your safety is our #1 concern. We follow strict protocol for the sterilization and transportation of a mobile dental practice. As a mobile dental hygienist, infection control remains the same regardless of the location.

Setting a high standard for infection control is very important to us and we want to ensure you that we meet the guidlines from the Public Health IPAC principles and current evidence-based practice standards.

All of the instruments used during patient treatment are cleaned and sterilized, according to these guidelines.

All of the instruments used for patient treatment are wrapped or packaged with internal/external monitors for each set of instruments, and a class 5 indicator to indicate that each set has been properly processed. The instruments are placed in sealed packages and transported in a container to protect the sterility of the instruments until they are opened at the time your treatment begins.

After use, the contaminated instruments (dirty instruments) are placed in a sealed and bio-hazard labeled container for transportation back to the clinic for sterilization.


Our new SciCan G4 Statim 5000 meets the current Public Health Ontario’s Infection Control Protocol.

Our sterilizer is tested for effectiveness on a daily basis, according to CDC guidelines. We use Class 5 Chemical Indicators in each instrument kit, as well as Class 4 external/internal pouches. This new sterilizer monitors each cycle and records it, storing it in the cloud using Wifi. Any problems are reported directly to SciCan and can be assessed remotely.






photo 5








We use a dry block incubator to make sure our sterilizer is working properly. A biological indicator is placed in the sterilizer during the first sterilizing cycle of the day and then placed in the incubator to be tested for spore growth. A negative or positive result will occur in 24 hours. Each daily test is recorded on a biological record sheet.





If you ever have any questions regarding the safety protocols we follow to protect you, please let us know. We are happy to discuss these issues with you and to show you how we sterilize our instruments.