Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Independent Dental Hygienist?

In September 2007, Bill 171 was passed permitting registered dental hygienists to work independently without onsite supervision from a dentist. An independent dental hygienist has achieved a unique status by the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario in which they been authorized to self-initiate.

Why choose Pearly Whites Mobile Dental Hygiene Services over a hygienist at the dentist?

Pearly Whites Mobile offers the same hygiene care that you would receive from a hygienist at a dental office but at a lower price. We follow the Ontario Dental Hygienists’ Associations Fee guide that is 10-30% lower than the Ontario Dental Association Fee Guide. We also provide a mobile service so we can bring our services to you, benefiting those with limited mobility.

Does Pearly Whites Mobile accept dental insurance?

Yes, we process your dental insurance or benefits and offer assignment. Pearly Whites Mobile will bill your insurance provider directly and will receive payment from your insurance. This means that you will only have to pay the difference of what your insurance doesn’t cover, reducing the amount of money you will need to pay upfront. We would be happy to check your insurance coverage.

What are your methods of payment?

We accept cash, debit, cheque, visa or mastercard.

What should I expect at my first dental hygiene appointment?

On your first visit a medical and dental history will be completed and reviewed by the hygienist to determine if dental hygiene care can be safely provided. A comprehensive examination of your head, neck, and oral cavity (mouth) will be done to determine the condition of your oral health and to develop a treatment plan with you, specific to your needs.

What happens if I have a cavity?

We strongly recommend that you still see a dentist yearly for a check up and x-rays if needed. We will make the proper referral if we see any areas of concern.